Express Performance Optimization of an Entertainment Portal

Project Description
The client operates an entertainment portal with a large amount of static content. As the audience grew, they faced a scaling issue, slower page loading times, and subsequent penalization of their resource in search engine results.
Client's Main Requests:
  • Conduct a comprehensive audit of the infrastructure and CMS.
  • Develop and implement a plan for optimizing the portal's performance.
Key Metrics
  • ~1 million visitors per month
  • 1 working week for complete project completion
  • ~2 seconds for the full load of key pages instead of the previous 6-8 seconds.
  • 20+ performance increase in certain architectural elements
Key Challenges and Results
We conducted a comprehensive audit, studying the features of the CMS and software used by the client. The CMS in use was relatively rare, and our engineers had to understand the details of its architecture from scratch. As a result of our work:
  • We localized and eliminated a rare bug with the help of the CMS developers that occurred with our client.
  • Corrected the configuration of resources that were suboptimally set up, leading to a significant decrease in efficiency.
  • Found a more optimal mechanism for image processing by transferring this load to the GPU, reducing loads in this part of the architecture by dozens of times.
  • Divided the client's infrastructure into a greater number of nodes to avoid negative impacts of elements on each other.
  • Added and configured a CDN with minimal increase in service costs.
All work was completed within one working week. The average loading time for key pages was reduced to 2 seconds instead of the previous 6-8. We contacted the client several months later - the work led to positive outcomes, promoting the portal in search engine results, and increasing the number of visitors.
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