Fortify your DevOps environment with advanced devops security measures. Our comprehensive services include real-time monitoring, devops security automation, and proactive defense strategies. We identify vulnerabilities and enforce robust security protocols to mitigate risks, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your data and applications.

DevOps security services

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Why you need IT security services
An incident involving an information security breach occurred.
IT department or IT services subcontractor has changed.
When there is a change in management or a change in the course of business.
In case of changes in information security regulations.
In case of changes in the information infrastructure of the company.
If you have doubts about the security of the software.
Effect of absence of well-implemented security practices
Hacker Invasion
Hackers may invade IT systems and steal confidential information;
Hidden malware could remain undetected within the IT infrastructure for an extended period, collecting data, and potentially causing sudden service failures;
Violation of confidentiality
There's a risk of breaching the confidentiality of the company's employees' or customers' personal data;
Insider information may be sold to competitors, compromising competitive advantage;
Selling insider information
DDoS attacks can disrupt the operation of communication channels, affecting business continuity;
DDoS attacks
The company could be susceptible to malware infections through emails, phishing, and social engineering tactics.
Avoid financial and reputation losses due to data breaches.
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What we do
Assess the State
We will examine the condition of the IT infrastructure, evaluate the performance of IT specialists, and determine the need for additional training in information security. A security briefing will also be conducted.
Check Security Systems
We will assess the protection level of financial and other critical data, review data access policies, analyze security processes, evaluate the effectiveness of existing security measures, inspect the security of the network infrastructure, and gauge employee awareness of internal security rules.
Make Recommendations and Plan
We will identify the most effective methods to enhance security, considering the organization's constraints, including technical capabilities, budgetary limits, and timeframes. A detailed action plan will be developed to address identified vulnerabilities and align the infrastructure with security standard requirements.
Provide a Report
A comprehensive information security audit report will be provided, detailing identified issues and discrepancies, along with recommendations for their resolution.
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