DevOps Audit Services

Our it audit services enhance your IT operations' efficiency and reliability. We conduct thorough it technical audit and it security audit to optimize your processes and tools, ensuring smoother software delivery and improved performance. Through it compliance audit, we ensure your systems adhere to industry standards and regulations.
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Why you need DevOps audit
Pinpoints workflow inefficiencies for streamlining and improvement.
Assesses team collaboration, suggesting ways to improve communication.
Reveals gaps in compliance and security for data protection.
Evaluates tools for effective utilization and recommends better options.
Identifies automation opportunities in the CI/CD pipeline to save time and reduce errors.
Ensures DevOps practices support the company's overall objectives.
Audits we conduct
Load Audit
Evaluates system performance under varying loads to identify bottlenecks and optimization needs.
SRE audit
Reviews SRE practices for service availability, incident handling, and reliability metrics.
Backup audit
Assesses data backup strategies, security, frequency, and effectiveness of restoration.
CI/CD Audit
Analyzes the CI/CD pipeline for efficiency, automation, testing, and deployment speed.
Scrutinizes Kubernetes configuration, security, resource management, and scalability.
Kubernetes Audit
How audit process works
Collecting information
Start by comprehensively gathering information to gain a thorough understanding of the existing processes.
Processing and systematization
Organize and process the collected information to form a clear overview of the current situation
Analysis of the received data
Conduct an in-depth analysis of the data to pinpoint key areas and potential improvements.
Developing solutions
Develop specific solutions based on this analysis to address issues and introduce new strategies.
We are making a detailed report
Detail these solutions and action plans in a report to provide you with a clear understanding of the proposed changes.
Inventory and Analysis:
We perform a comprehensive inventory of equipment and IT infrastructure, evaluating software reliability, and analyzing potential risks and vulnerabilities.
Classification and Solutions:
Identified issues are systematically categorized. We then devise resolution strategies, conducting in-depth analyses to explore various solutions and recommend the most effective approaches for improvement.
Providing Recommendations:
We synthesize our findings to offer tailored recommendations, substantiating each proposed change with cost analysis and projected benefits.
Final Report:
The process culminates in a detailed final report, presenting survey results, identified problems, proposed solutions, associated costs, and expected advantages of the recommended changes.
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